Asuka Kazama – Tekken 7 Combo Guide

After Nina Williams, Asuka Kazama is perhaps one of Tekken 7’s most overpowered female characters.

That is, if you know how to use her combos properly to inflict absolute damage to whatever opponent is foolish enough to challenge you with a crap character such as Devil Jin, Bryan or Dragunov.

Simply put, Asuka Kazama has the best combos of Tekken 7.

The video below is proof of that fact.

Some of these combos are death combos (meaning they leave absolutely no chance to recover once the opponent is caught inside), other are a little lucky.

At any rate, Asuka Kazama is the best Tekken 7 character.

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Trove Revenant – The New Top DPS Class

This isn’t the first time we’ve been talking about the MMORPG game Trove on this blog.

So today, let’s talk about the Revenant, an all time favourite class (mostly for its cosmetics).

The Revenant class is often wrongfully seen as a tank class… and while it can certainly fill the role as a tank by maxing its HP, it really shines as a pure DPS as you will see in the video below.

Should you switch to a Revenant for top DPS rankings?

It’s up to you, but the DPS shown is the video above is well above that of the Gunslinger or the Neon Ninja, two other high-DPS Trove classes.

Asuka Kazama – Perfect Death Combos (Tekken 7)

Is Asuka Kazama the most overpowered Tekken 7 character?

Yes, no, maybe?

Whatever you think about Asuka and the competitive tiers of the Tekken 7 game, your opinion is guaranteed to change once you see this TRULY WTF video showcasing some of Asuka’s most violent death combos.

For reminder, a death combo is any chain of moves in which the opponent dies as or before it is completed.

Thus you will see a lot of perfects in the above video.

The music is from SEWER, see