SWTOR Commando Speedrun – Full Mission Guide

Some more Star Wars: The Old Republic for all you fans of either Star Wars or MMORPG games.

In this video series you can see a full speedrun of the game using the Commando advanced class.

The video tutorial comes from the site Maxjeu.com, a very good website that offers many guides for SWTOR and other MMO games.

But let’s talk about this video… the first question you may ask is, what is a speedrun ?

Speedruns are very popular ways of playing video games in some communities. Basically a speedrun is just a walkthrough where the player tries to complete the game as fast as possible.

See for yourself with this SWTOR Commando Speedrun.

This is a video playlist, where each video shows one mission from the SWTOR Commando story.

You can see every video in the playlist by following this SWTOR link, or simply by watching every video in order in the player above.

source for the video http://hebergement.weebly.com/blog/guide-swtor-la-creation-du-personnage


SWTOR – The Best Ranged DPS Class

Many people, when playing the awesome MMORPG SWTOR, wonder which is the best ranged DPS class of the game.

After seeing this gameplay video you will know without a doubt, there is nothing that can beat the Gunslinger in terms of raw damage output.

Not the Commando, no the Vanguard, not the Sage or Sorcerer and not even the Imperial Sniper.

The Gunslinger is truly the best DPS class of SWTOR.

For more info on this SWTOR class, read http://hebergement.weebly.com/blog/swtor-le-guide-de-lavant-garde-spe-tactique.

[SWTOR] The Chamber of Speech – Heroic Walkthrough

The mission “The Chamber of Speech” is one of SWTOR’s hardest heroic missions, but you won’t realize that just by watching this video.

The player is incredibly skilled with his class (Jedi Shadow) and knows how to play the game effectively.

For more guides on the game Star Wars: The Old Republic, check out http://www.maxjeu.com/republique.