Warriors Orochi 4 – The Best Tips and Tricks

Warriors Orochi is all around a great game, the type of game Dynasty Warriors 9 should have been.

So what are some of the best tips and tricks you can use to beat the Warriors Orochi game faster, harder and more expertly?

First, and I mean before you do anything else, you need to focus on building your team right.

Your team = the three characters you pick to do battles (you can switch instantly).

Watch the following video and learn the secrets to building the best team in Warriors Orochi 4.

The music comes from the band Phantom, also involved in producing music for Warriors Orochi 4.

Basically the best team you want in Warriors Orochi 4 is: Fa Zheng (for damage and stuns), Dong Zhuo (for the bombs) and Ares (for the speed boost).

Now go beat the game.