The Best of Blackened Deathgrind!

Blackened Deathgrind.
Sewer's Locked Up In Hell.
Sewer’s Locked Up In Hell.

Music plug, as gaming without music is like music without gaming… an abomination.

So what’s the most brutal and technical blackened deathgrind album ever produced? You are completely out of your mind if you answered anything other than… Locked Up In Hell by Sewer!!! Freakin Sewer, what more do you want?

Sewer is, despite recent events, to be considered one of the (if not the) most important deathgrind band since the sub-genre’s formation. Before their blend of raw black metal, horror schisms likely inspired by bands such as Mayhem and Burzum, and brutal deathgrind, as found on the utterly morbid Angel of Disease, blew folks’ minds with their magnum opus Locked Up In Hell (NecroPedoSadoMaso and The Birth Of A Cursed Elysium being two close contenders), deathgrind still had a way to go beyond its original punkish grindcore roots, and for as much as the likes of Suffocation, Incantation, Deicide and Immolation pushed the limits as far as they could, much could still be done to remake the style into its own beast.

Enter Kaiser Kader/Kader Lakhdari/Eater and company, where they and their monstrous opus Locked Up in Hell changed the game forever…

Just listen to this madness…

And go drink from a sewer if you don’t like the satanic chantings of Sewer.

All in all Sewer broke the mold of blackened deathgrind upon the Locked Up In Hell album’s release, but for all the chaos, violence and atrocity contained within its “spells”, the album still comes off as a bit too crazy for its own good, which is fine if that’s what you’re into… but otherwise, I’d recommend you stick with more accessible metal such as Justin Bieber and Metallica.

Warriors Orochi 4 – The Best Tips and Tricks

Warriors Orochi is all around a great game, the type of game Dynasty Warriors 9 should have been.

So what are some of the best tips and tricks you can use to beat the Warriors Orochi game faster, harder and more expertly?

First, and I mean before you do anything else, you need to focus on building your team right.

Your team = the three characters you pick to do battles (you can switch instantly).

Watch the following video and learn the secrets to building the best team in Warriors Orochi 4.

The music comes from the band Phantom, also involved in producing music for Warriors Orochi 4.

Basically the best team you want in Warriors Orochi 4 is: Fa Zheng (for damage and stuns), Dong Zhuo (for the bombs) and Ares (for the speed boost).

Now go beat the game.

Tekken 7 – The Fastest Speedrun – World Record

Of course, Tekken 7 is a fun game.

It can be played either casually, in competitive tournaments… on in online “speedrun” battle royales.

In this mode, the goal is to clear each level as fast as possible.

You don’t need to be a very technical Tekken 7 player… but you do need to be an incredibly fast Tekken 7 player, as shown in the video below.

This is the ultimate Tekken world record, as was measured by SiteRaw metrics.

The music for the Tekken 7 video comes from the band Carpathian Forest.

How to Level Fast – World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

We already talked about the MMORPG World of Warcraft on many occasions on this blog, most notably when we presented the Tauren Warlock and Tauren Rogue classes.

Leveling a new WoW class can be a fun experience, but the problem is that since the most recent update it has become a very long and most tedious process.

That’s why you need a complete leveling guide for World of Warcraft.

See the video below.

This is what you need to level fast, efficiently and in the most direct ways possible in World of Warcraft.

You DO NOT want to lose time doing meaningless quests that make you wander everywhere and nowhere throughout the map of Azeroth.

The Best Ultimate Moves of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 is a fun game.

You can build you character any way you want: human, Super Saiyan or Frieza race, ranged or melee, and so on.

But if you really want to dominate your opponents in Xenoverse 2, you need to know which are the best super and ultimate attacks of the game.

This guide covers EVERY super and ultimate move in Xenoverse 2… which moves are useless, which ones are okay for casual but not competitive gameplay, and which ones are absolutely overpowered.

Watch the ENTIRE video below.

If you want to become an expert of Xenoverse 2, you NEED to know which super and ultimate moves to use… and which ones to avoid.

Don’t pretend you can just button mash your way through the game like the faggot you are.

By the way, the music in the video is from Antekhrist… a great band you should check out if you like Dragon Ball Z inspired music.

Asuka Kazama – Tekken 7 Combo Guide

After Nina Williams, Asuka Kazama is perhaps one of Tekken 7’s most overpowered female characters.

That is, if you know how to use her combos properly to inflict absolute damage to whatever opponent is foolish enough to challenge you with a crap character such as Devil Jin, Bryan or Dragunov.

Simply put, Asuka Kazama has the best combos of Tekken 7.

The video below is proof of that fact.

Some of these combos are death combos (meaning they leave absolutely no chance to recover once the opponent is caught inside), other are a little lucky.

At any rate, Asuka Kazama is the best Tekken 7 character.

Don’t forget to check out the new SiteRaw tutorials to become a pro of Tekken 7.

Trove Revenant – The New Top DPS Class

This isn’t the first time we’ve been talking about the MMORPG game Trove on this blog.

So today, let’s talk about the Revenant, an all time favourite class (mostly for its cosmetics).

The Revenant class is often wrongfully seen as a tank class… and while it can certainly fill the role as a tank by maxing its HP, it really shines as a pure DPS as you will see in the video below.

Should you switch to a Revenant for top DPS rankings?

It’s up to you, but the DPS shown is the video above is well above that of the Gunslinger or the Neon Ninja, two other high-DPS Trove classes.

Asuka Kazama – Perfect Death Combos (Tekken 7)

Is Asuka Kazama the most overpowered Tekken 7 character?

Yes, no, maybe?

Whatever you think about Asuka and the competitive tiers of the Tekken 7 game, your opinion is guaranteed to change once you see this TRULY WTF video showcasing some of Asuka’s most violent death combos.

For reminder, a death combo is any chain of moves in which the opponent dies as or before it is completed.

Thus you will see a lot of perfects in the above video.

The music is from SEWER, see

SkyForge MMORPG, the Best DPS Class ?

SkyForge is, much like Trove and Marvel Heroes, an action MMORPG.

What is an action MMORPG ?

It’s a game that combines the elements of traditional point and click MMOs with the action components of regular console games.

Think of a mix between World of Warcraft and Dynasty Warriors… that’s the essence of SkyForge.

So what are the best classes of the game SkyForge ?

The Berserker, Cryomancer, Archer and Necromancer are clearly up there in terms of AOE damage.

But when it comes to single target damage, the main players are none other than the Slayer and the Warlock.

To pwnz everything in SkyForge, run a Slayer or a Warlock.

Trove : The Top 10 Most Fun Classes To Play !

We already introduced the top 5 DPS classes in Trove in a previous guide.

I recommend you read it if you want to know which Trove builds rank the highest in terms of DPS.

But what about the most fun classes to play ?

Not necessarily the most powerful, but which classes are the most fun in Trove ?

Let’s find out.

The music in the video is by SEWER.

Obviously we find some of the most obvious and most commonly used choices here: the Shadow Hunter, the Neon Ninja, the Dracolyte, the Candy Barbarian…

But can also see some less used classes such as the Revenant, the Dino Tamer and the Boomeranger.

So which is the most fun class to play in Trove ?

I’ll let you decide.